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“When looking to summarize our OLMC experience, we came upon a quote from Pope John Paul II which captures our sentiments: ‘Catholic education aims not only to communicate facts but also to transmit a coherent, comprehensive vision of life, in the conviction that the truths contained in that vision liberate students in the most profound meaning of human freedom.’ We’re thankful that OLMC provided nothing less.” -Colleen & Scott Schechter

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“Our family used to live in the Princeton area, but once we heard of OLMC and got to know more about the experience it offers students, we realized it was too good an opportunity to pass up. We want to give our children the very best education possible, and that meant moving to Boonton and enrolling in OLMC. Our decision has been validated every day since, and we could not be happier.” - Susanne & Chris Tyrrell

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“How truly wonderful it is to think of the love of beauty that is being slowly internalized in our OLMC children through the constant, daily immersion in OLMC’s very deliberate culture of beauty. That culture is one of the reasons we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the OLMC family.” -Susanne & Jeff Billeter

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“As soon as we stepped into OLMC, we felt it. The power of God in a community that holds Him as its absolute center. It’s difficult to convey in words that feeling when you just know deep down that this is where you are called to be. In our hearts, we felt that this was a place where my children would be loved and empowered to always hold Christ at the center of their lives. Community drives a culture, and we are enamored with the one brought to life at OLMC.” -Eileen & Mick Vandenburg

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“I am so grateful to have been accepted to the International Baccalaureate program at Morris Knolls. It is an internationally recognized course of study that stresses well-roundedness and critical thinking with a curriculum that emphasizes writing, thinking, communication skills and community service: exactly what I was already focused on at OLMC! Although IB is a highly competitive program, I feel like I’ve got a significant leg up because of my time at OLMC, and I’m excited to continue with such a meaningful educational experience.” -Josh Martinez, Morris Knolls High School ’21, International Baccalaureate Program


“I love Morristown High School, and I’m especially excited to be a part of its prestigious STEM Academy. OLMC gave me the experience and critical thinking skills to excel in this next step and I'm so grateful for the strong foundation I got there. In addition to STEM, I’ve also developed a passion for linguistics, and thanks to having learned Latin at OLMC, I have found that new languages are coming easily to me.” -Molly Webber, Morristown High School ’22, STEM Academy

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“I am thrilled to be a part of the Gateway Academy because it gives me the opportunity to participate in dynamic lectures, internships, and trips around the world, take private Gateway tours of Ivy League campuses, and earn a year of college credit while still in high school. Gateway is the most challenging path I could have taken, but I am confident that my time at OLMC has fully prepared me to succeed.” -Luca DiGiacopo, Boonton High School ’22, The Gateway Academy for Academically Gifted Students


“Because the Morris County School of Technology is becoming more and more competitive every year, I was very grateful to have the strong foundation of an OLMC education when I applied. Now that I’m a member of the Academy for Finance & International Business and studying various business subjects, with a specific emphasis on the international business world, I regularly rely on the education I received at OLMC to succeed in my classes.” -Joseph Sorce, Morris County School of Technology ’21, Academy for Finance & International Business



“Fr. Daniel’s accomplishments over the last several years serve as a model for what is possible in Catholic education with strong leadership and vision. I have tremendous respect for Fr. Daniel and very high hopes for the future of OLMC.” -Most Reverend Arthur J. Serratelli, S.T.D., S.S.L., D.D., Bishop of Paterson


“The ever-shifting sands of our culture demand that schools deliver an inquiry-based, virtue-centered education through which students are prepared to heed God’s call and follow it with courage and zeal. Fr. Daniel is to be congratulated for implementing a proven, positive approach to Catholic education that celebrates all of God’s children as unique and precious individuals and teaches them how to use their tremendous gifts and talents for the common good.” -Rev. Msgr. Geno Sylva, S.T.D., Rector of the Cathedral and Vicar for Special Projects, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

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“The mission of Villa Walsh Academy is to inspire our young women to expand their intellectual breadth and depth and to enhance their sense of local and global concern, empowering them to influence their world in a Christian manner. Our Lady of Mount Carmel is an ideal stepping stone to a school like Villa Walsh because it trains students to seek truth, recognize goodness, and prize beauty.” - Sr. Patricia Pompa, MPF, Principal of Villa Walsh Academy

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“As a faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Seton Hall, my principal technical interests are in system science: systems theory, dynamical systems (modelling with differential equations), and systems engineering. I also enjoy teaching topics in applied statistics, logic, and the history of mathematics and science. Both as an educator and a lifelong STEM student myself, I am thrilled to offer my endorsement of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Its classical liberal arts curriculum uniquely trains students in crucial STEM elements, such as critical thinking and reasoning skills as well as relating Catholic theology and doctrine with the natural sciences. The curriculum and methods of its mathematics and science programs are second to none. OLMC not only prepares its students to compete with others around the globe in these important subjects; more importantly, it teaches them how to discover the joy and wonder mathematics and science have to offer.” - Rev. Joseph R Laracy, S.T.B., S.T.L., S.T.D., SHU Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science & Catholic Studies

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