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To Everything There Is a Season: The Educational Moment

Education done right involves an experience of beauty that wounds us, makes sore our hearts, and prompts us to walk softly, indeed humbly. Whether it comes through the splendor of creation, the artistry of the written word, the example of a saint, or the subtlety of a mathematical proof, that experience provokes in us an awareness of what we lack and presents us with something we long to have.

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Hidden Hunger Unleashed Through OLMC Read-a-Thon

As our students from pre-K through eighth grade are discovering this Lent, it is an extraordinary pleasure to read a great book for the first time. To get lost in the pages of A Man for All Seasons, to immerse oneself in the drama of A Wrinkle in Time, to savor the tales of Aesop’s Fables - these are the delightful moments that not only shape a childhood but also forever inform the soul.

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War of the Roses Field Day

Several times a year, our students take the lessons of the classroom and apply them to contests of body, mind, and spirit. These Field Days are like our own in-house Olympics; they’re challenging, educational, and a lot of fun. Our winter Field Day was organized around the theme of the “War of the Roses,” and it was a great success!

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A Commitment to Catholic Education Vindicated: Looking Back on the OLMC Experience

We remember when we first started looking at Catholic grammar schools some twelve years ago that certain friends, acquaintances, and even family members did not hide their confusion (and sometimes even disdain) at our decision to take the parochial route…

With the experience now (almost) behind us, the gift of hindsight allows us to look back and answer those challenging questions with a deeper understanding of what makes OLMC different…

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Cross Country Champions!

In the fitting culmination of a stellar season, the OLMC Varsity Girls cross country team won First Place in the North Jersey Catholic School Track Association Championship Meet! Every one of our runners added an essential ingredient to the victory, and it was a team triumph in the truest sense.

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What Young Alumni Are Saying About OLMC

“I am so grateful to have been accepted to the International Baccalaureate program at Morris Knolls. It is an internationally recognized course of study that stresses well-roundedness and critical thinking with a curriculum that emphasizes writing, thinking, communication skills and community service: exactly what I was already focused on at OLMC!

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