transform lives - your way.

Sponsorships are an excellent and personal way to shape the hearts and minds of OLMC children. Sponsorships allow you to direct how your funds will be used on a micro-level, making your impact immediate and your legacy lasting. OLMC offers three different kinds of sponsorships so you can choose the one that best suits your individual desire to participate in the formation of the next generation.

Sponsor a Student

Our community includes a number of families who are deeply committed to providing their children an academically excellent, authentically Catholic education, but who must rely on scholarships to cover the cost of tuition. These families include first generation Americans, single-parents or grandparents, families with 5 or more children, and many others.

By committing to sponsor a student, you make it possible for us never to turn away any family for inability to pay. Thanks to your support, parents can rest easy - and feel excited for the future - knowing their children are receiving an education that will launch them into lives of great meaning and happiness.

And you can feel gratified knowing the students themselves are fully dedicated to their own education and take full advantage of every opportunity we provide them. The children who receive these sponsorships demonstrate an eagerness to learn, a zeal for the faith, and a commitment to the good of others.

Your gift will be recognized in our annual giving report.

Sponsor a Teacher

Our teachers are not only the most talented bunch you’ll ever meet, but also the most dedicated. They routinely go above and beyond the call of duty, investing their own time, talent, and treasure for the good of their students. By sponsoring a teacher, you allow him or her to plan creative and unforgettable lessons, fully address the diverse needs of the classroom, and materially enhance the learning experience for every child.

Is there a grade you remember with unique fondness? What better way to honor those memories than by sponsoring that grade for today’s children? Can you recall a particular teacher who made a lasting impact on your life? You can now give someone else the chance to become that special teacher to a child.

If you choose, you will receive regular updates about the teacher and class so you can keep track of the impact your gift is making throughout the year. Moreover, the teacher’s classroom will proudly display a plaque recognizing you (or a loved one, if you prefer) for your support, and your name will be included in our annual giving report.

Sponsor a Subject

Do you have a passion for math? Have you always recognized the importance of the Arts in education? Do you believe poetry is key to a successful childhood? Now you have the opportunity to sponsor a particular subject area, ensuring that the knowledge and skills you hold most dear are faithfully handed over to the next generation.

With your support, our faculty can offer every child a robust education in the subject matter of your choosing. Whether it’s literature, Latin, gardening, or drama, sponsoring a subject is an ideal way to put your unique stamp on the education of tomorrow’s scholars, citizens, leaders, and saints.

If you choose, you will receive regular updates about the education students are receiving in your sponsored subject. We’ll also proudly display your name (or that of a loved one, if you prefer) on a plaque outside the appropriate classroom, and include your gift in our annual giving report.