Teacher Sponsorship

Teacher Sponsorship

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Our teachers are not only the most talented bunch you’ll ever meet, but also the most dedicated. They routinely go above and beyond the call of duty, investing their own time, talent, and treasure for the good of their students. By sponsoring a teacher, you allow him or her to plan creative and unforgettable lessons, fully address the diverse needs of the classroom, and materially enhance the learning experience for every child.

Is there a grade you remember with unique fondness? What better way to honor those memories than by sponsoring that grade for today’s children? Can you recall a particular teacher who made a lasting impact on your life? You can now give someone else the chance to become that special teacher to a child.

If you choose, you will receive regular updates about the teacher and class so you can keep track of the impact your gift is making throughout the year. Moreover, the teacher’s classroom will proudly display a plaque recognizing you (or a loved one, if you prefer) for your support, and your name will be included in our annual giving report.

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