Pre-Primary Team


Mrs. Shirley Miho: Pre-Primary Lead Teacher

Mrs. Shirley Miho

Shirley Miho is a Montessori-trained teacher and teacher-trainer. She has taught in a variety of schools in New York City and New Jersey and is beginning her seventh year at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. A Boonton resident, she has two children: Kai and Taliesyn.

This year, co-teaching with Mrs. Saadat, Mrs. Miho continues her lifelong experience of the classical education tradition. Born and raised in Manchester, England, she attended Notre Dame Grammar school and completed her undergraduate work at Notre Dame College of Education through Liverpool University. Coming to the United States in 1980, she gained her Montessori certification in 1988, gained a Master’s degree in Elementary education at Adelphi University (1989) and a New York State Public School Teacher Certification. From 1993-1999 she worked as a field consultant with CMTE/NY (The Center for Montessori Teacher Education) training future Montessori teachers.

As an educator, Mrs. Miho seeks to create a classroom environment that embodies the ‘heart of wanting to be together’. The process begins by observing the children carefully as they choose materials, learn to work and order their thinking. By asking ‘what is really happening?’ she seeks to meet the needs of each child through carefully prepared materials and on-on-one lessons. Taking to heart Dr. Montessori’s admonition that each teacher must work as a ‘scientist’ but ‘with the heart of a saint, ’each child is encouraged to reach beyond their potential and to see themselves as unique child of God. By taking responsibility for themselves and others, especially in the wonderful model of the mixed-age classroom, each child finds their place and begins the journey of ‘making themselves’ both physically and spiritually. Such work creates a strong foundation for further work in the classical tradition as the children move into higher grade level classrooms.

Mrs. Ann Saadat: Pre-Primary Teacher

Mrs. Ann Saadat

Ann Saadat has been a teacher at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School for nineteen years. Herself an alumna of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, she graduated from Morris Catholic High School, and then Marymount College.

Mrs. Saadat loves to play and watch sports, spending time with her family, reading, and listening to music. Most of all she loves to teach Early Childhood Class. Watching young children grow in their love for God, their religion, and their Pre-Primary education is for her extremely rewarding. Above all, her greatest desire as a teacher is to give each student a love for learning. She approaches education as a journey, not a race.

Married for thirty years to her husband Kam, Mrs. Saadat is mother to two adult children, Anahita and Arman. Both of her children graduated from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School.

Mrs. Catalina Sanchez: Pre-Primary Aide

Mrs. Catalina Sanchez


Mrs. Carolyn Clark: Pre-Primary Aide

Carolyn Clark