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OLMC School: A Parish Ministry

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It is impossible to overstate the rare and precious gift it is for OLMC School to be a ministry of Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish. Between 1835 and 1967, seventy six parishes within the Paterson Diocese founded schools; today, only 15 remain.

We are blessed beyond measure to enjoy unparalleled devotion and stability from the vibrant and growing community of OLMC parish. Parishioners of all ages embrace the school as its greatest hope for the future, and the result is a joyful and loving partnership. And because we are located just across a quiet street from the church, our students are easily able to participate regularly in the Sacraments. From weekly Mass, Adoration, and Benediction, to monthly confession, to the countless opportunities offered by the parish for ministry and fellowship, the parish is constantly inviting our students into its dynamic life, and we are flourishing in large part because of its unwavering and enthusiastic support.

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