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News & Notes


Welcome to the OLMC Home & School Association! We’re your first connection to the many events and programs happening around the school all year, so it’s important that you feel like an integral part of the HSA - because you are! Please take some time to check out the information below, which will not only help you navigate your role as a valued member of the OLMC community, but also answer many of the questions you may have about getting involved in the countless things going on at our beloved school. There’s something for everyone, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Master Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Your school is counting on you! This Sign Up Genius includes all the major school events needing volunteers for the whole year, so you can plan ahead. It’s an ideal way to get involved in the school and make some really great friends in the process. Whether your family is third-generation OLMC or just enrolled last month, the HSA needs and wants your help! The work is easy and fun, and there are always plenty of people around eager to answer any questions you may have. The more we all get involved, the better the school will be for our kids, so sign up today!

HSA Meetings

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All HSA meetings take place in the All Purpose Room of the school, and all parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend! Whether you can make every meeting or just one, we value your presence and ask that you join us as often as possible. The more people involved, the greater the connection we’ll share as a school community. Mark your calendars!

  • 9/27/18 (8:45 a.m.)

  • 11/7/18 (6:30 p.m.)

  • 1/9/19 (8:45 a.m.)

  • 3/13/19 (8:45 a.m.)

  • 4/3/19 (6:30 p.m.)

  • 5/1/19 (8:45 a.m.)

Photo Share!

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OLMC Parents are invited to contribute to this year's photo collection! Below you'll find a link to a shared Google folder that is accessible to all OLMC parents and staff (for privacy, only those with this link will be able to view the contents). The purpose is to collect and share the pictures we take throughout the year with one another -- by June, we'll all have a lot to look back on together.

As you'll see, we've created categories for your convenience, but if you have pictures that don't seem to fit into particular folder just upload them to the general folder. So whenever you take OLMC-related pictures, please remember our shared folder and upload them so everyone can enjoy! (Please note - some pictures might be used in displays around the school and church. If you'd prefer not to have your pictures used in public spaces, please make a note of it to:

Share Your Ideas for Future HSA Initiatives!

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We want to hear from you! We know our community is blessed with many people of tremendous talent who have great ideas for the school, and we greatly value your input. In order to keep the process for adding new initiatives as efficient and manageable as possible, please use this form to share your thoughts. You can drop it off to Mrs. Rotondo at the front desk or email it to, and we’ll address it at the next HSA meeting. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation!

Guidelines for Events Held on the OLMC Premises


Our school is growing by leaps and bounds and becoming more tight knit than ever - and that’s a great thing! As social gatherings become increasingly common, it becomes more important than ever to provide families with a set of shared rules for student conduct in order to ensure the safety of all children and safeguard our common spaces. To that end, we have adopted clear guidelines for the benefit of everyone.

Please review these guidelines and discuss them with your children. Please remind them that our school’s expectations of civility and good conduct apply whether or not they are in uniform. Most importantly, please impress upon them that these rules are in place to safeguard their wellbeing.

OLMC Contact Info

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Communication is key! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

HSA Email:

HSA President

Jean Flaherty, mother of Aoife (OLMC alum), George (8th), Saoirse (6th), Orla (4th), Vivian, and Charlie

HSA co-Vice-President

Katie Pfunstein, mother of Ben (3rd) Bridget (1st), Simone (K), and Billy

HSA co-Vice-President & In-House Photographer

Crystal Trowbridge, mother of Aidan (2nd), Ashlyn (K), and Bryce

HSA Treasurer

Laura Huresky, mother of Sabrina, Blaise, Gabrielle, Jude (OLMC alum), Veronica (7th), and Mario (4th)