Weekly Update


Upcoming Events:

August 21st: Parents’ Night Out

August 26th: Playdate at the Park

September 4th: First day of school (full day)

September 17th: Back to School Night

September 18th: First HSA Meeting of the School Year

September 27th: Field Day (half day)

September 29th: Boonton Day

September 30th: OLMC Annual Golf Outing

Of Particular Note:

Our first day of school is Wednesday, September 4th. This will be a full day. We can’t wait to see you!

All new and returning families: Please take some time to review our Uniform Policy, as some updates have been made. You can find the requirements and a link to our vendor HERE in the parent portal (password: 2018).

Back to School Night will be on September 17th, 6:00 - 8:30. This is a very important event and a great opportunity for parents to get to know the faculty to which you entrust your children. We hope to see you there!

Mark your calendars! The HSA is hosting a Parents’ Night Out for all new and returning families on August 21st at Boonton Station 1904. This will be a great opportunity to meet the newest members of our school community. We hope you can make it! Click HERE for more details and to RSVP.

Please join us for a Playdate in the Park at RVA-Johanson Memorial Fields on August 26th at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is welcome! Click HERE for more details.

Friendly reminder for middle school students about their Summer Reading Assignments:

6th Grade: The Wind in the Willlows

7th Grade: The Sword in the Stone

8th Grade: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

In the News:

Friendship is essential to happiness, but is in precipitous decline. What can we do about it ?

Americans are suffering from an epidemic of loneliness as fewer and fewer of us enjoy the benefit of real friendships. The personal and social impact is significant and serious, leading to an upsurge in isolation that is transforming our lives and our communities—and not for the better.  

It used to be the case that parents could take for granted the idea that their children would learn how to develop friendships at school, but increasingly that seems not to be the case. Indices of social health suggest that the consequences are dire. In this remarkable commentary, Thomas Hibbs, the new president of the University of Dallas, explains why friendship is essential to human happiness, the significance of its conspicuous decline, and what we as parents and educators can do about it.


Got questions? Try the Parent Portal first (password: 2018). Its Fact Sheet includes information about uniforms, drop off/pick up, AfterCare, the lunch program, and more.

The Parent Portal also links to the School Calendar, Rediker (our virtual “report card” system), the Home & School Association page, and the Weekly Update archive.

Still have questions? The Family Handbook is usually the best place to start. It contains vital information about nearly every aspect of your student’s tenure at OLMC. And as always, please feel free to reach out to the administration with any concerns: school@olmcboonton.org