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Stop Talking About Student Achievement

"It's not that we shouldn't discuss standardized test results, but we should stop pretending that they represent some larger using lazy substitution, we end up like a tourist sitting beside the Grand Canyon looking at a handful of pebbles and imagining that those pebbles tell us everything we need to know about the vast beautiful vista that we are not bothering to see."

From Forbes:  

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Middle School Reading Lists 100 Years Ago vs. Today

The differences between school reading lists of today versus those of one hundred years ago are stark. Does the required reading of most schools today shortchange our children by eliminating some of the most highly significant and important works of history?

From Intellectual TakeOut:

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Parents, stop trying to fast-forward your child's development

Our curriculum is carefully designed to work in concert with children's cognitive development at each stage, because we agree that any attempt to fast forward them into adulthood backfires and ultimately does more harm than good.

From USA Today:

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George Washington Letter For Sale

An original letter written by George Washington addressing controversy surrounding the newly adopted Constitution is now for sale after decades in a private collection. This revealing letter provides a window into our nation’s history and highlight’s our first president’s esteem for the role of Providence in the successful founding of the country. 

From The Raab Collection:

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Plant Blindness: Why Scientists Who Know Nature Are Becoming an Endangered Species

Contemporary Science education in our country has shifted from teaching what nature is to how it can be used for practical or commercial purposes. This dangerous trend not only leaves students woefully undereducated about scientific foundations, it also robs them of the pure joy that comes from a deep investigation of the complex and mysterious natural world around them.

From Memoria Press:

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New Jersey becomes second state to require schools to teach LGBT and disability-inclusive material

NJ recently became the second state in the U.S. to require public schools to teach children about the sexual orientations of people who have made "political, economic, and social contributions." Does sexualizing the curriculum for even very young children genuinely enhance learning or does it distract students from the important accomplishments of historical figures?

From CNN:

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