Outdoing One Another in Good Works: Winter Field Day at OLMC


Just in time for the Winter Olympics, OLMC convened its own competition of body, mind, and spirit with a Winter Field Day. Organized around the theme of the Knights of the Round Table, our young pages, squires, and knights contended with one another to exemplify the strength, courage, resourcefulness, and charity that befits a true knight.

Our four student Houses distinguished themselves with their spirited competition as they quested for the Holy Grail, having to identify counterfeits and ruses designed to mislead them from the true path.


In the end, House Mark carried the day and won the field, but each of the houses gave a good account of itself. It was a day that allowed our students to live out in robust and joyful competition the kind of sportsmanship, good character, and ardent pursuit of excellence that we celebrate in heroes!