OLMC Takes Second Place Overall in OLS Cross Country Invitational


Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s cross country team took St. Paul’s encouragement to “run so as to win” to heart over the weekend, finishing second place overall in the Our Lady of Sorrows Invitational. Competing hard against twelve other teams, eighteen OLMC runners dug deep and gave it their all on the challenging South Orange course. Their efforts were well rewarded: All of them finished strong, and eight took home medals.


Just as impressive as their athletic prowess was the runners’ camaraderie and sportsmanship. They could be seen sprinting from one vantage point to another during each others’ races, offering enthusiastic praise and motivation both to one another and to their competitors. Their teamwork and dedication had a conspicuous and unmistakably spiritual dimension: Onlookers noted that our runners not only huddled together in prayer, but also sought out their number-one fan, Father Daniel, to ask him for a blessing before racing.

Much of the credit for OLMC’s superb performance belongs to the coaches: Laura Huresky, Carmen DeLuca, and especially our newest addition to the coaching staff, Daniel Clavijo. A competitive runner himself, Coach Dan is skillfully guiding our team to new levels of excellence, taking extensive time with each runner to offer his assessment and advice. Already known for his commitment and kindness, he is quickly becoming a beloved fixture at OLMC School.

Never a team to rest on its laurels, OLMC is busily preparing for its next meet on October 19th. We wish all our runners the best of luck, and look forward to celebrating their continued success!