OLMC Students prepare for Lent by Celebrating with Pancakes!


This past Tuesday, on the eve of Ash Wednesday, OLMC School students and teachers prepared themselves for Lent by recovering delightful and inspiring traditions of our faith.

When it was customary to observe quite strict fasts for the season, folks would clean our the larder of eggs, butter, meat, and other items they would give up sacrificially until Easter. For many, this practice of purging resulted in pancakes for supper on the eve of Ash Wednesday. We remembered this tradition at OLMC with Mardi Gras beads, New Orleans jazz, whipped cream, maple syrup, and chocolate chips, as the whole school gathered to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, also known as “Fat Tuesday.”


The communal pancake luncheon was prepared by the headmaster, and was followed by a spirited Lenten trivia competition among the student Houses. It was great fun, and a great way to get ready for the season of sacrifice!