OLMC Parent-Teacher Reading Group: Life-Long Learning in Action


Last night, parents and teachers in the OLMC School Book and Film Group met for this month’s book discussion. The lively and at times impassioned conversation was a great reminder that we are all students and that learning in the truest sense really is a life-long endeavor.

Our book selection for this session was Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, a novel worthy of its acclaim. The discussion reflected on both the story and the manner in which the artful storytelling reinforced the themes of the novel. The conversation left us all with a greater appreciation for the power of narrative to provide insight into the human condition.

The story itself is somewhat harrowing. Ishiguro challenges his readers to consider fundamental questions of what it means to be human. The novel, sadly, is not without direct application to our own times, and it is a mark of its subtlety and sophistication that it leaves us with greater clarity but without any easy answers to some of the dilemmas we are facing today.

Of course, reflecting together on a book like this one is a special occasion for members of our school community to learn not only from a novel but from one another. To talk about important questions is always rewarding; to have the opportunity to talk with friends about those questions and consider how they intersect with our own lives is truly precious.


Next month’s discussion will take up Evelyn Waugh’s marvelous A Handful of Dust, his humorous and satirical novel that, like Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go, challenges the freedoms of the modern era that come at an often unexamined cost to our souls. Be sure to plan to join us for what will surely be yet another provocative and enlightening discussion of a great book!