OLMC Forensics Team Wins Multiple Awards


Students from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School have earned recognition from the Classical Forensics League. Competing with other schools in the region in public speaking events, the school’s recently formed Forensics Team earned multiple awards of distinction. Commonly associated with scientific tests or techniques used in criminal investigation, "forensics" is also defined as the art of formal public speaking and presentation. Ever since the ancient Greeks organized contests for speakers to develop public speaking skills, forensics has been a central feature of a Classical education. Because these exercises often required the development of evidence for public advocacy, these skills in persuasive speaking have always been associated with Western law courts and the art and science of legal evidence and argument.

Academic forensics teams participate in a variety of oral communication competitions. They enable the ambitious and capable student to develop more than ordinary proficiency in spoken language. Students research, develop, practice, and deliver their performances, which include speeches and interpretations or dramatizations of literature. Participants also benefit from the opportunity to interact with and learn from high achieving students from other schools.

All students of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Forensics Team prepare presentations for tournaments devoted to the areas of Reading, Declamation, Drama, and Humor. Students who are chosen to represent the team at a tournament are selected through an in-house competition that hones their skills in memorization, expression and interpretation of text, eye contact, and verbal locution. At the tournaments, students with the highest scores after 2 rounds of competition advance to the finals, where they present for the entire tournament.

The OLMC Forensics team has competed in the Reading and Declamation competitions and is preparing for the Drama event on February 6 and the culminating Humor competition on April 3, 2017.

Two OLMC team members earned places in the Final Round of the Reading Competition: 8th Grader Salvatore Parent, who read an excerpt from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, earned a Runner-Up certificate for sixth place; Jilienne Winowski, also in the eighth grade, earned 6th place for her reading of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

The Our Lady of Mount Carmel school Forensics Team, led by 8th -Grade Teacher Arlene Zagarino, includes Joshua Martinez, Salvatore Parent, Ariana Santana, Faith Schechter, Savannah Sutter, Sydney Sutter, Tyler Christensen, Jilienne Winowski and Marc Winowski. A public performance of the Forensics Team is scheduled for an Open House held at the school following the 11:15 am Mass on January 29, 2017. Refreshments will be served.

Rev. Daniel P. O'Mullane