Mrs. Ann Saadat: "Educator of the Year"


Ann Saadat, Pre-k4 teacher at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School (OLMC) in Boonton, has won the Lakeland Hills YMCA “Educator of the Year Award” this year.  The entire staff and school at OLMC are very proud of Mrs. Saadat in receiving this award.  Debbie Christensen, president of the HSA states “The award makes news of what we have all know for a long time.  We are all so proud of her."

Everyone who knows Mrs. Saadat can’t help but recognize that she is an exceptional teacher.  Her nurturing, passionate, environment yet firm approach to instruction creates an exceptional learning environment for the children blessed to be in her classroom. Each of her students receive patient and stimulating guidance, all OLMC parents want for their children, as they prepare in body, mind and spirit to be independent learners, good friends, and committed Catholics.

Mrs. Saadat is so successful with her students because she is herself the kind of model that they can follow with great confidence.  Her passion for the well being and education of the children is unmistakable.  She positively radiates enthusiasm and love for what she does in all her interaction with children and parents alike. Her ability to enable each child to recognize challenges as opportunities for growth and learning is exceptional. That spirit shapes everything she does in helping her students face life with joyful confidence.  For Mrs. Saadat, triumphs and setbacks alike are opportunities for each child to realize educational potential.  In Mrs. Saadat’s classroom, the hard work of learning is truly fun, and the evidence is in the joyful faces of her students.

We are so proud of Mrs. Saadat for winning this award.  She is not only an extraordinary teacher, but a lovely member of our community.  In the same way that she blesses her students with her calm and steady demeanor, she is a blessing to her colleagues and friends in and out of classroom.  We have all been touched by her warm smile and are better for it.