Molly's Day Off


When most 9th graders get a free Thursday, they spend the day in bed. The last thing they would choose to do is go to school. But not me. Two of my friends and I decided to spend our day back in our middle school: Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Why did we go back? We wanted to be active in the community that teaches and learns from each other how to love God and praise Him. We wanted to be active in the community that takes education seriously and recognizes the intrinsic beauty of art, history, math, and more. We wanted to be active in the community that turned us into who we are today. We enjoyed spending time with everyone at OLMC, and we wanted to make more unforgettable memories like the ones we had made in middle school.So we arrived at the school at 7:30 with our little brothers and sisters, and were immediately greeted with a huge welcome from the teachers, students, and parents that were there. Then we went to the Latin 1 class, where we were reminded of ourselves a couple of years ago, still learning the foundation of the language. Our next stop was the 6th grade science class, where we were given big hugs from our middle school science teacher. We had a lot of fun with the sixth graders. 

Before the day had begun, we made it a priority to see the 7th and 8th grade chess class. I was very interested to see what the class was like, and how learning chess benefited the students. So we went to the class and introduced ourselves to the teacher. When he began to show the students a game of chess from 1850 play by play, I was very impressed. Then he started to ask students where he should move next and why he should not make certain moves. The students were thinking 4 moves ahead, and I could see how their learning in every subject would be benefited by this. The game required great reasoning skills, concentration, and creativity that the students use in math and English. Chess classes were a great addition to the OLMC curriculum, and I wish I had the chance to take chess when I was in middle school.

After the chess class, my friends and I walked into town to get lunch. We had a wonderful time laughing about things from our middle school years and talking with each other about our high school careers so far. Then we walked to a nearby park, never running out of memories to laugh about.


Our last stop of the day was back to school for the cross country party. Every member of the team received huge rounds of applause when they walked up for their awards, and it reminded me of how I felt when my teammates and classmates surrounded me as I crossed the finish line during my final OLMC race last year: loved, supported, and like I'd accomplished something really significant.


 We went home that day with smiles on our faces. Remembering how the same smile was on my face at the end of every day during my years at OLMC, I'm not at all surprised that we had such an amazing time back in the place we know and love.

OLMC Communications