A Great Faculty Seminar and Public Lecture!


It was a great privilege and an honor for OLMC School to host Dr. Vigen Guroian for both a faculty workshop and a public lecture. The faculty were delighted to explore with him Kenneth Grahame's great classic The Wind in the Willows and it was gratifying to have so many parents and educators turn out for the evening event.


Dr. Guroian's remarks helped us all to appreciate better the interdependence of intellectual and moral development and, in particular, to understand the indispensable role of the imagination in the moral lives of children. His insights remind us of the profoundly important and vital work of a school to prepare young people for so much more than marketability. Rather, the specific work of a school is to prepare children to lead lives of meaning, worth, and significance.

We are especially pleased to be able to feature a scholar of Dr. Guroian's caliber and to share his great wisdom with our community. We look forward to hosting a series of lectures that will deepen our appreciation for the wonderful worlds of literature, science, history, theology, and the arts. It's our hope to host and contribute to a continuing conversation about truth, goodness, and beauty that will serve not only our own families and parish, but the community of which we are a part. Be sure to stay tuned for future events!