All the World’s a Lovely Stage: OLMC Students Present Shakespeare's As You Like It


Under the able direction of middle-school Math and English teacher Mr. Brendan Reim, Our Lady of Mount Carmel students staged a triumphant performance of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The audience of parents, teachers, parishioners, neighbors, and students was visibly delighted as the cast treated them to an uproariously funny and high-tempo rendition of this beloved play.

The students had spent months preparing for the one-night-only performance, and their efforts were well rewarded: They successfully transported playgoers to the Forest of Arden, delivering the complicated and profound dialogue with poise and humor. As an added and entertaining bonus, Mr. Reim and OLMC Headmaster Douglas Minson joined the students in the production, thereby leading them by example and inspiring in them the confidence to take the significant risk that is true acting. And perhaps the best proof of the play’s success is that the cast had a wealth of fun, not just in practice, but during the performance itself.


The real triumph of the play, however, was not that it showcased students known for their talent in Shakespearean acting, but rather that it took children who had no idea they had such talent - and whose parents had no idea either - and brought it out of them. In this way, Friday’s performance of As You Like It is emblematic of the OLMC experience as a whole, for it is an education built upon the premise that all students deserve to discover - and are capable of knowing - what makes life worth living, what makes it good and beautiful. This past Friday, it was the students themselves, in cooperation with William Shakespeare, who made the world beautiful.