Faithfulness Brings Boonton Bomber Home to OLMC

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As a senior at Boonton High school and co-captain of its football team, Luke Agnew helped lead the Bombers to a state championship in 2003. He would never have imagined that years later he would return to Boonton as a teacher dedicated to shaping the souls of young people at OLMC School. Even as a football champion, he didn’t fully realize how formative the experience of that season would be for him—but he recognized that the steadfast investment of his coaches transformed his life. Their selfless example inspires him today to be the kind of teacher who will devote himself to helping his students in the same way.

Luke’s path took him from Boonton to Penn State, where he discovered FOCUS ministries, and then to Nashville, where he became a teacher and coach in the mold of the men who meant so much to him in high school. While in Nashville, he maintained strong ties with people back home—one of them a friend of his older brother, a young priest in Boonton who happened to be piloting one of the most exciting initiatives in Catholic education in the state. Through his friendship with Fr. Daniel O’Mullane, Luke realized he was being called back to his roots; he heeded that call, and became a teacher at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.


With seven years of teaching under his belt, Luke returns to Boonton ready and excited to prepare his students to be strong and resilient in mind, heart, body, and soul. He fits right in with a faculty dedicated to the formation of the whole person. His commitments align perfectly with a school that recognizes the importance of preparing young people to become men and women who tackle the toughest problems and deliver the positive change the world so desperately needs. He knows it’s all too easy—and common—for children to drift through school into safely inconsequential lives: never learning how to take risks, never being emboldened to confront injustice, never developing the essential skills of leadership and service. And he recognizes that kind of education for the tragedy it is, both for the students themselves and for the lives they could have blessed. As an athlete, Luke recognizes that we are all capable of overcoming mediocrity, and knows though experience the satisfaction of meaningful sacrifice as part of a shared pursuit of a goal. As a teacher, he is convinced that every child is capable of great things, and he is determined to offer better to them and expect better from them.


As a student of movement science, Luke knows that traction requires friction. Under the right conditions, and direction, progress (intellectual, athletic, or spiritual) can result from confronting obstacles and overcoming setbacks. Fittingly, Luke does not train his students to avoid challenges and hardships; on the contrary, he teaches them to turn adversity into success. He’s ideally suited for a Classical educational environment because, unlike a distant lecturer who stands afar and does the thinking for his students, Luke journeys with them, sharing their spirit of inquiry and guiding them by his own example as a lifelong learner. He teaches students how to persevere—whether in academics, athletics, or, most importantly, their relationships with God and neighbor—by example, and helps them to see that the highest heights of human aspiration are genuinely possible. 

Few students are able to grasp the lasting impact a teacher makes on their lives, at least until they are much older. In the meantime, Luke Agnew’s students will know that they have a teacher who truly loves them and daily commits himself to their success as scholars, athletes, artists, and, above all, human beings. Someday, the precious investment that he has made in them will become clear, and they in turn will inspire others with the example of lives of significance and eternal purpose.

Welcome to OLMC School, Luke Agnew. We are delighted that you have joined our faculty.