Hidden Hunger Unleashed Through OLMC Read-a-Thon


As our students from pre-K through eighth grade are discovering this Lent, it is an extraordinary pleasure to read a great book for the first time. To get lost in the pages of A Man for All Seasons, to immerse oneself in the drama of A Wrinkle in Time, to savor the tales of Aesop’s Fables - these are the delightful moments that not only shape a childhood but also forever inform the soul.


The more our students read, the more they fall in love with reading, and it didn’t take long before they were eagerly discussing their new-found favorite authors with one another, trading books, and craving quiet time to advance their bookmarks a bit further. For those who were already avid readers, they’ve become awakened to ever more challenging works in unexpected subjects. And for those whose love for reading was as yet undiscovered, the spark has been ignited with this school-wide initiative. In this age of screen-time saturation, the Read-a-Thon is both a haven and a stage for book lovers of all ages -- and as it happens, all children are natural-born book lovers if given the chance to read or listen to a truly good story.


It is especially fitting, then, that we ask our families, friends, and community to rally around our students in their literary endeavors. Rather than go door-to-door with wrapping paper no one really wants or peddle summer sausage & cheese baskets only a loving grandmother would find appetizing, our students are raising funds through their love of reading. By donating to the Read-a-Thon, supporters not only provide significant financial help for the school, but more importantly signal to our students that their desires to become well-read are good and valuable.

It’s not all about reading for reading’s sake, though! Because we also value friendly competition and camaraderie, we’ve added some incentives to reward students for their dedication. Among many other valuable prizes, children who read an average of an hour or thirty pages a day will be invited to an after-school pizza party, while the student with the most pages read overall gets to pick a poem for the Headmaster to memorize and recite in front of the entire school. The class with the most minutes read will host a “Read to Dogs” class party (a canine story time!), while the class that raises the most funds will enjoy a lunch prepared by the Headmaster. Coveted house points will be awarded to the House with the most minutes and/or pages read. Finally, families who solicit seven or more pledges of support will enjoy an after school water balloon and bubbles party, a tradition quite unlike any other in the school.


To support our young readers, please email school@olmcboonton.org.

To see some suggestions for your next great read, check out our age-level bookshelves: