War of the Roses Field Day

Several times a year, our students take the lessons of the classroom and apply them to contests of body, mind, and spirit. These Field Days are like our own in-house Olympics; they’re challenging, educational, and a lot of fun. Our winter Field Day was organized around the theme of the “War of the Roses,” and it was a great success! Students were transported back to the 1400s, when for 32 years the Houses of Lancaster and York competed for the English crown. Our early grades became English subjects, navigating a chaotic wartime existence through games like “crown toss” and “I Spy the Hidden Prince.” Grades 3-5 acted as the Royal Court, engaging in political maneuvering in the form of games that mirrored historical events, such as “Henry VI’s Fits of Madness” (charades) and “Henry IV’s People Skills” (royal court memory). As the military leaders of England, Middle schoolers endured fierce contests like the Battles of Towton (dodgeball) and Bosworth Field (capture the flag). It was a day full of of friendly competition, camaraderie, and one very memorable history lesson!